Guide to Instructing PBS

Use our interactive CRM to send instructions and monitor cases.


  • Go to Client’s Login at the top of this page.
  • Register yourself
  • Once registered log in with your username and password.


  • Choose the instruction you require and complete the online form.
  • You will receive an email confirming your instruction.
  • The 7 day Notice of Enforcement will be sent to your tenant the same day, providing the instruction is received before 3pm.
  • For instructions received after 3pm the notices will be sent the following working day.
  • Notices of Enforcement are sent by email and by first class post.
  • Should an emailed notice be returned undelivered (bounced) we will contact you immediately for a correct email address. This will not affect the timing of the CRAR process.
  • For clients with multiple instructions we can supply a template which when completed uploads directly onto our system, saving lots of time Please call to request an instruction template.


  • View the progress of your case in the ‘notes’ tab at the top of the page for your case.  Notes are updated in real time and include full details of each stage of the process and details of payments received and remitted.


  • You will receive emailed updates whenever we update your case.
  • Add instruction notes yourself at any time and we will be alerted to an update.

Once your instruction is received the automated CRAR process begins. Clients do not need to do anything else, PBS will handle everything.

Some clients ask that we check with them before attending on the 8th day. If this is something you require please inform us at the instruction stage and we will communicate before attending. Otherwise we will AUTOMATICALLY send an agent on the 8th day.

Different Scenarios with the 7 day Enforcement Notice

1. Tenants are instructed on the Notice to make payment to PBS. Should a tenant pay directly to you within the 7 day period, please inform us to stop any further action under CRAR. There will be no charge to you.

2. Tenants are instructed on the Notice to pay a compliance stage fee of £75 + VAT to PBS. Should a tenant pay this directly to you, please forward this fee on to PBS.

3. Tenant pays PBS within 7 days – payment will be sent to you electronically as soon as cleared funds are received.

4. Tenant phones PBS to request an instalment plan – Exactly as we have always operated, PBS will always ring or email you for authorisation before entering into any agreements with tenants.

Protective Control Agreements

Exactly as we offered the Protective Distraint, we continue to offer this service under the new name ‘Protective Control Agreement’ or ‘PCA’. The PCA begins exactly as with any CRAR instruction – the 7 day Notice of Enforcement goes out to the tenant. But the Notice has an extra section informing your tenant that you are willing to offer a PCA, meaning their charges will be reduced. The agent will call on a pre-arranged date, take control of the goods and arrange the payment plan. Either the tenant can pay instalments directly to you or we can arrange to collect these for you.

What happens after the 7 day period 

If the rent remains unpaid on the 8th day we will AUTOMATICALLY allocate an enforcement agent to attend to ‘Take Control of Goods’, unless you have specifically requested that we liaise with you prior to doing so.

How will you know what is happening

You will receive confirmation from PBS by email, that an agent has been allocated.

How does taking control of goods work

Once an agent attends the premises the process is very similar to that under the laws of distress, the difference being that what used to be known as walking possession has been renamed Taking Control of Goods.

New cost structure – all costs are subject to VAT.

  •  7 day letter (Enforcement Notice)

Fixed fee of £75 charged to tenant – no charge to landlord.

  • Enforcement stage

Fixed fee of £235 plus 7.5% of sum to be recovered exceeding £1,500 charged to tenant – no charge to landlord.

  • Sale or Disposal stage

Fixed fee of £110 plus 7.5% of sum to be recovered exceeding £1,500 deducted from sale proceeds.

  • Protective Control Agreements (PCAs)

Please call our office on 08450090909 for up to date costs or email ‘’.