Combined Service – service charges, insurance & associated debts

Combine your debt instruction with an enforcement instruction for rent arrears under CRAR. 

CRAR does not permit enforcement for arrears of service charges, insurance and associated debts.

Although the debt is non-enforceable under CRAR, as we will be in direct communication with your tenant regarding the rent arrears, we will be ideally placed to collect the debt. The standard charges as dictated by CRAR legislation will still apply for the rent arrears collection.

We charge a debt recovery fee of £30 + VAT, plus a small administration charge of £20 + VAT. These costs are added to the debt and collected direct from the debtor, in accordance with late payment legislation and the terms of the lease (if applicable).

There are no further charges for this service.

For more information on our debt collection service see Debt Collection (pre-legal.